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The Science Museum

The Science Museum is a highly tactile and hands-on learning space for all, where education becomes fun and you can learn facts you never knew you’d want to know. It is a place where you can learn many fascinating facts that are not essential to knowledge, but are incredibly enriching and allow you to look at and appreciate your world in a slightly different way.

This guerrilla campaign brings the science museum to the streets in its hands-on style, showing interesting facts in visual and fun ways, some even interactive and requiring participation.

Target Audience
From kids to adults, the science museum is for everyone


intestines bus advert.png
intestines bus side advert copy.png

Bus Side

Water-filled Advert

water in body as billboard mock up scamp

Toast Wall

A pop up guerrilla stunt to be placed along London Thames: toast-filled acrylic boxes to visually represent the copy
bread wall south walk.jpg
bread wall.jpg

Time Travelling Advert

This advert shows recordings of exactly 8 minutes and 20 seconds ago in the spot of the viewer. 

sunlight billboard recording copy.jpg
sunlight billboard recording .jpg

Interactive Bus Stop Advert

mercury weight bus stop advert without w
mercury weight bus stop advert with weig
mercury no weight superimposed on bus st
mercury weight superimposed on bus stop.
scale weight.jpg

Stretchy Billboard

billboard superimposed.png


Hannah Freeman


The work above is student work and is concept only.

I have not been endorsed by The Science Museum or any other company to produce this work.

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