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Many zoo animals are kept in cages too small for a decent living standard. People often struggle with ‘seeing’ the struggles animals go through. However, as the nation has just come out of lockdown, emotions are fresh and similar hardships have been endured ourselves therefore we can find it easy to empathise with being stuck inside four walls.


This 2- phased campaign allows humans to step inside the lives of zoo animals and experience it for themselves, by visualising humans in cages instead of the animals.

Target Audience

Those active on social media who use the city and its transport regularly

phase 1

A livestreamed ‘event’ of a volunteer human living inside a small cage for as long as they can reminiscent of the living space some animals are allocated. Viewers can see for themselves the boredom and empathise with the person, voting on how long they can last, and can comment and share the hashtag #unlockthecages on social media

youtube livestream page.jpg
Instagram Live iOS - .jpg

phase 2

Once the livestream has ended, the same cage will be put in a city centre, with an open door so that people can walk inside for themselves and understand the size. Additionally, underground tube carriages will be decorated to make the train look like a cage. Those outside the train can see ‘humans inside the cage’, and will see accompanying adverts on the tracks. Those inside the train will see the same adverts, and the upright holding bars inside should suggest cage bars.

Guerrilla Walk-In Cage

cage town stunt superimposed in town.jpg
cage stunt explaination card.jpg

Tube Takeover

tube carriage cage.jpg
tube card.jpg
tube card panel.jpg
underground banner, tube panel.jpg


Hannah Freeman


The work above is student work and is concept only.

I have not been endorsed by PETA or any other company to produce this work.

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