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Young people have been told what to do their whole lives. When it comes to creativity, sometimes rules are meant to be broken.


We encouraged young people to think beyond 'instructions', by presenting billboards showing lego parts that would usually be assumed to be built

into one thing (e.g. door = house, wheel = car), then pushing them to see what else they can build beyond what most people would build, therefore encouraging creativity in young people.

target audience



LEGO billboard - house.jpg
LEGO billboard execution - car.jpg
LEGO billboard - boat.jpg

interactive billboard

This billboard will be made entirely of lego pieces, where the audience is free to rearrange and design whatever they want.

Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 15.35.40.png
interactive billboard london .jpg

drag to reveal banner

student room 1.jpg
student room 2.jpg
student room 3.jpg


Hannah Freeman & Alice Werrell


The work above is student work and is concept only.

I have not been endorsed by LEGO or any other company to produce this work.

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