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Too often, the negative attributes of those with learning difficulties hinder their self-confidence. The positives that come with learning difficulties often take a backseat but can in fact make them more employable. Our campaign strives to celebrate and push these positives, by devising a scheme called 'Springboard' for schools, which strives to enhance the positive attributes belonging to students with learning difficulties and providing them with a 'springboard' into employment.

There is strength in difference


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radio adverts

OCD - Radio Ad
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ADHD - Radio Ad
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Autism - Radio Ad
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interactive advert

Users can submit a photo of themselves using the camera on the adshell which will be submitted to a large LED billboard showcasing the abilities stemming from learning difficulties.

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about our scheme

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Hannah Freeman & Alice Werrell

The work above is student work and is concept only.
I have not been endorsed by EmployAbility, or any other company to produce this work.

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