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Climate change is a pressing and very serious issue. Young people are the ones who can make changes in the way we live. How can we get these people interested in and actively fighting against climate change? 


We conceptualised a music festival called Earth Festival which would be held entirely based around making steps towards mending climate change. Since music festivals are a massive source of waste and environmental damage, we thought we could turn it around and make one that aims to help the environment instead, while remaining fun and trending. Billboards would represent climate change, by responding to the negative changes in our environment. Our ambient billboards advertise the suffering of the environment, while encouraging the call to action which is to visit the festival. 


Fixing the world many steps at a time

target audience

Young people

Ambient out of home

melting wax billboard

This billboard has a front layer of wax which melts above the ideal temperature for the atmosphere. When this wax layer melts, a message is revealed underneath that connects the atmospheric heating to the melting of the polar ice caps. It would be placed by roads in the summer to encourage less vehicle usage.

Thermal melting billboard 1.jpg
Thermal melting billboard 2 .jpg
Thermal melting billboard 3.jpg

disappearing air pollution tracks

The appearance of this billboard is directly effected by the absorption of air pollution it gathers, since it would be made from a CO2 absorbing material. Initially you see car tracks, which disappear over time as the billboard gets darker and darker from more CO2 being absorbed. This advert would also be placed by a road to decrease vehicle usage.

air pollution billboard white.jpg
Air pollution billboard black.jpg

water level line

This continuous blue line would be painted along public London walls to emulate how much of London would be underwater by 2050 if climate change is not acted upon. This allows the audience to imagine that the very spot they were standing in would not exist if they do not take action.

water level guerilla - london will be un

earth festival

festival guide booklet to explain components

Festivall guide front cover.jpg
Festival guide page 1.jpg
festival guide page 2.jpg
festival guide page 3.jpg
festival guide page 4.jpg
festival guide back page.jpg


As seen in the guide booklet, the festival runs on a point based system, allowing attendees to reap the benefits of doing good for the environment, in the form of food, drink and merch.

app home page superimposed.png
app options page superimposed.png
app merch page superimposed.png
app my points page superimposed.png


Hannah Freeman & Alice Werrell


The work above is student work and is concept only.

I have not been endorsed by Connect4Climate, The World Bank Group or any other company to produce this work.

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