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Clearblue DIGITAL



Regular pregnancy tests can be confusing to decipher with their one or two lines or faded crosses.

However, Clearblue is the only brand of pregnancy tests which shows your answer in written word on a digital screen, making your answer clear in the time where you need clarity the most.


Our campaign pokes fun at competitor pregnancy tests by starting with a confusing sentence which cannot be understood to represent the confusion you can feel when trying to work out your answer with them, then resolving it with the proposition and visual, to imply that you won't have to work out what something says with Clearblue.

We showed the 'Not Pregnant' result as our target audience most likely would prefer this result rather than being pregnant. We intended to imply that not wanting to be pregnant is just as OK, as this is not portrayed in most pregnancy advertisements.

target audience

Young adults 18 to 30 - looking for both outcomes (pregnant or not pregnant) who just want a clear result.


Print Variation 1
Print Variation 3
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radio advert

(concept only)

Clearblue Radio Advert
00:00 / 00:22


*female speaks in gibberish which sounds like English*

"If you think that was hard to understand, imagine trying to work out if you're pregnant by one line or two, or a faded cross perhaps. But you can't read it wrong with Clearblue."

direct mail

This box would come inside a university welcome pack which is often found in halls of residence rooms for prospective students, as this is our target audience, and one that is likely to need to know how to use a pregnancy test...!

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Hannah Freeman & Alice Werrell


The work above is student work and is concept only.

I have not been endorsed by Clearblue or any other company to produce this work.

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