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Breast feeding is such an important, personal and positive choice when it comes to the health of a newborn baby, however the sexualisation of breasts and stigma against public breast-feeding can often deter mothers from doing so. 


Our campaign gives a middle finger to the people who stigmatise and sexualise breastfeeding mothers, by using the "suck it" phrase with a double meaning. It aims to empower mothers and cause the problematic people to think twice. The prints show obvious cleavage, which aims to catch the eye of those who sexualise breasts, then give a middle finger to exactly those people for doing so therefore making them realise that they've just done the very thing our campaign deters. 



Target Audience

Breast feeding mothers


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direct mail

DM box top view.png

Just like the prints, our DM aims to be unapologetic. We used dummies to represent the suck it phrase, and to offer to new mums to be used and support them further. Inside will be information about breastfeeding, useful items and a sticker to link to the Best Beginnings app feature we designed.

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Box contents

DM box contents.jpg

App feature - suck it locator

On the Best Beginnings app, we added a 'Suck It Locator', where breast feeding friendly establishments can be marked to let mums know they are free to breast feed without judgement inside. The stickers from the DM box can be stuck in windows of establishments where breast feeding mothers felt free to do so, informing other mothers too. 

App - suck it locator - page 1.jpeg
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App - Suck It Locator - main page.jpg

social media

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Hannah Freeman & Alice Werrell


The work above is student work and is concept only.

I have not been endorsed by Best Beginnings or any other company to produce this work.

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