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Amnesty International


Child abuse often stems from inability to deal with extreme emotions. A moment of anger is fleeting, but the repercussions are not: child abuse results in up to 10 years imprisonment.  


Anger lasts a moment. The consequences last a lifetime.


belt print superimposed.jpg
spoon print superimposed.jpg
spatula print superimposed.jpg

Video Adshell

shop takeover

belt rack in shop with labels.jpg
kitchen utensils in shop with label.jpg

'sensitive content' instagram

see photo belt 2 superimposed.png
belt 2 instagram superimposed.png
see photo 1 superimposed.png
belt superimposed.png

Hannah Freeman

The work above is student work and is concept only.
I have not been endorsed by Amnesty International, or any other company to produce this work.

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