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Hey, I'm Hannah Freeman! Yep, that's me standing in the middle of a railway track.

I like to do creative stuff which often comes in the form of advertising conception, music and graphic design. I'll speak a little bit about each category below, and try not to waffle, as is easily done.

graphic DESIGN 

Coming up with cool visual concepts is something I really enjoy. My style is simple, modern and clever, although I do pride myself on being very adaptable if this is not yours! I can do logo design, packaging design, branding, leaflets, flyers, business cards - you name it.


When it comes to being an art director or a copywriter, I like to think I'm a little bit of both - I've never been able to fit into one box (funny that - seems to be a running theme in my life!). My personal ad style is something that's fun and a little bit clever, but I also like to do the thought provoking stuff too, and I'm a sucker for shock factor. 


This is something I've always loved doing. One of my strengths is harmonisation - I believe the moment I was 5 and was singing anything but the melody to Shania Twain and my sister would tell me to "shut up I'm trying to listen to the song" was the pinnacle of my career. On a serious note (pun intended), I have done a lot of gigs and festivals playing keys and doing backing vocals, and have loved every second of it.

Now I've tooted my own horn, I hope you see something you like on my site. If you don't, oops.

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