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21 Grams
Black and Brown Skin

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Melanoma is fatal, and due to its colouring can be harder to see on darker skin. However this is no excuse for misdiagnosis and under diagnosis from those in the medical field - you simply must look harder.

If it's hard to see, look harder

Case study video


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Uv building wrap

As this large scale advert is exposed to UV light, a QR shaped melanoma forms over time - much like real melanoma. When scanned, the QR code leads to a chatbot providing advice on skin concerns fuelled by data from medical professionals who specialise in black and brown skin.
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Chat bot 2.jpg
Chat bot 3.jpg
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instagram zoom in advert


Hannah Freeman & Alice Werrell

The work above is student work and is concept only.
I have not been endorsed by 21 Grams, Black and Brown Skin, or any other company to produce this work.

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